Looking for Bonzini in Flensburg

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Looking for Bonzini in Flensburg

Beitrag von Baeksgaard87 » 02.06.2014, 14:09

Hey – I’m moving from Copenhagen to Flensburg soon and would like to continue playing tablesoccer – but I have only really been playing on Bonzini (as that’s the preferred turnament-table in Denmark) - is it possible to find a place to play om Bonzini B90 in Flensburg?
I found something on FB called "Monsterkickerklub" - but it does not seem like theres any french tables :/
Any help wil be appreciated :)

/Lise -

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Looking for Bonzini in Flensburg

Beitrag von AffeGiraffe » 21.07.2014, 15:24

Hej Lise!

Bonzini is quite unusual in Northern Germany. If you want to play Bordfoldbold, you should visit the KickerKlub nevertheless.
We have 5 tables (1x P4P, 2x Leo Sport, 2x Leo pro_torunament)and all of them are in very good condition.
I just sent you a fb message.



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